About Me

Everyone who comes to me wants to do better. They know their struggles intimately and want to thrive beyond them. While each person is different, has different backgrounds, goals and directions for their life, they seek to make their life better, whether that is to think better, feel more or love others deeper. They have tried many avenues to make this happen, yet they still are seeking, hope undaunted.

Listening to you

My first job is to listen to you, and your description of how you want help. Then to be able to tell you what I heard –what the struggle is and what you want to gain. Listening is my primary task and only you can direct me –steer me to understanding you better. As we develop this understanding –the product of listening -we plan your treatment matching any one of a number of EEG Biofeedback methods to your request for help.

My Background

I graduated from Pacific Graduate School of Professional Psychology with a doctorate in clinical psychology in 1984. I am a Licensed Psychologist in Washington and California. Beginning practice as a Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor in 1978, the current art for helping was working with family and couple systems, planning to help in the social-interpersonal context that we all live in. I went back to school to become a more skilled helper. That was very rewarding and did guide me to be better. My search was accelerated when a friend of mine took me along to meet someone who did EEG Biofeedback. “What a door that opened!”

No matter what the brain structure is (how it was formed as we are born), there are ways to increase our effectiveness in functioning. It turns out that this is true, even when the brain’s structure has been damaged because of brain injury, stroke, or a tumor. It becomes a matter of changing a vulnerability into an asset.

This solidified my mission in 1996